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One Stop Auto Repair and Service. Diagnostic Equipment for Today's computer controlled vehiclePowell Hydramatic

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One of the oldest transmission shops in San Francisco, Still doing good work at fair prices since 1952.

There's a lot that goes into operating today's transmission and we have the tools and expertise to diagnose your transmission - as a whole - car problems...

Today's automatic transmissions are computer controlled, allowing them to provide a level of control requires constant, precise monitoring of the vehicle's operating conditions, using a wide range of sensors and switches. A failure of any one of those components can have a drastic affect on transmission operation. Since these systems are controlled electronically. Even a low battery can affect transmission operation.

Here's a list of the more common components involved in transmission control, along with an overview of the problems that can occur if they fail. Keep in mind that this is just a general listing and description. Each vehicle is different: Other sensors come into play on many vehicles. CLICK FOR A LIST OF COMPONENTS

Click For a List Of Components

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560 South Van Ness Ave San Francisco (Near BART - 16th St.)

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